Tips to do if you would like to be better running


If you have been preparing for a triathlon running and wish to see significant improvements, there are several tweaks to help you become faster.

Work on your balance

Did you know that poor balance causes ankle sprains? It doesn’t end there; a poor balance is also a sign that the hip flexors, ankles, core, and feet are not strong enough.

The best thing to do is to stand on your right leg and spell the alphabet with your left foot as if your heel is a pen and the air is your paper. Do this exercise every time before running.

Improve your posture

Although many people don’t notice it, they might have a bad posture. Standing with your backs arched and stomach sticking out is an indication of bad posture, which can lead to lower back pain whilst running.

You can work on your posture daily, even while sitting. A great technique is standing with your arms at sides. Notice where your weight falls and drop the front of your rib cage slightly until you feel the weight shift to the middle of your feet.

Practice yoga

Yoga is not just an excellent way to relax; it also helps with the coordination of the foot muscles. Try out keeping your big toe still and raising and lowering the little toes. Right after, keep the little toes still and raise and lower the big toes. Do this simple exercise 1 to 2 minutes on a daily basis.

Head to the treadmill

For many triathlon athletes, it’s hard to get the leg turnover speed that is necessary to break through the current speed barriers. A treadmill is perfect to solve this issue as the incline can bring about speed changes for a very little metabolic cost.

You can achieve a higher pace by doing track-type workouts or selecting a routine 8% faster than your current race sprint pace.

Add a run to your week

You should not overdo it, but many athletes find useful adding one more, short, aerobic run to the training mix.

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