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6 Tips To Become Better At Running

Running can be tough for those who are in shape and the ones who are merely beginners. Little changes — from your nutrition to your shoes and schedule – can make a huge difference when it comes to boosting your running performance.

Here are 6 useful tips to become better at running regardless of your experience.

1. Evaluate your shoes

You might need to re-evaluate your running shoes, as an inadequate or worn down pair can take tolls on your performance. Start by taking a look at the bottom of your shoes.

Then, put your hand inside the shoe and feel the cushioning. If you feel your fingers on the other side, you cushioning might need to be replaced.

2. Set your goals

Setting a tangible goal will make the process of improving your running much easier. This way, you can actually see the difference over time. Have a specific date, a specific distance or even a specific race you would like to take part in.

3. Prioritize your runs

Make your runs as relevant as a meeting or appointment. Schedule them on your calendar and start planning your workouts for the upcoming week. This is much more efficient than waiting to have the time to run.

4. Build up endurance

When looking forward to improving your running, you shouldn’t forget building up endurance in your entire body. Stabilizing your core is important, as well as stabilizing the muscles, tendons, and ligament in the lower and upper body.

You can do this by doing bodyweight workouts, which will improve strength imbalances and race times.

5. Balance your nutrition

Running miles and miles each week can make you truly ravenous. Instead of yo-yo dieting and banning sugar altogether, athletes should look at the performance-enhancing qualities of food. For example, increase the intake of nutrient-rich foods such as beans, nuts, fish, whole grains, etc.

6. Stay flexible

After a run, do calf stretches with your heel hanging off a step. Alternatively, utilize a wall to push your toes backward to feel it in your calf.

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